Our Vision

Educators are innovators.


The purpose of research is to gather data, establish facts, develop new knowledge, improve current practices and inform action and policy making. Whatever we do, without quality research it is difficult to understand where we stand and where we should go.

When it comes to higher education internationalisation, South Africa, Africa and the developing world have over the years lacked effective research bodies in this field. To try to affect change in this area, in May 2014 the Nelson Mandela University Office for International Education (OIE) established the Unit for Higher Education Internationalisation in the Developing World.

The Unit will research current higher education (HE) internationalisation activities, practices and approaches around the world, specifically in the developing and emerging world. Given South Africa’s position and role in Africa and the BRICS, specific focus will be paid to the African continent and BRICS countries.

The Unit’s research objectives are to conduct research on practices, approaches and theories of HE internationalisation - including internationalisation at home, internationalisation of the curriculum, international partnerships, student and staff mobility and other related activities and practices - and develop new and more equitable practices and approaches appropriate for the developing and emerging world. In addition, the Unit will engage with universities, research institutions, academics, researchers and experts from South Africa, Africa, BRICS and other countries on research projects and research collaboration aimed at the transformation of higher education internationalisation globally.


Dr Nico Jooste
Senior Director